We have Successfully Delivered Over 200,000,000 Products

SupplyCaddy is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of packaging and disposables for the food service industry.  With headquarters in Miami, Florida, and manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe, SupplyCaddy is able to provide high-quality, affordable products for restaurants, chains, and foodservice brands.

Businesses worldwide trust SupplyCaddy to deliver. We understand that each step of our process can directly affect your business. When we decided to address the global supply chain issues, we started by not limiting ourselves to manufacturing in one country. In addition, we take pride in treating every client the same – whether you are a single-unit restaurant or a large chain. Our mission at SupplyCaddy is simple… Deliver.

Our mission at SupplyCaddy is simple…Deliver.

SupplyCaddy believes in sustainable sourcing.

We work tirelessly to responsibly source the highest-quality materials used in our various facilities across the globe. We are committed to having a consistent product and a reliable supply chain.


Meet our Leadership Team

Zachary Stein

Zachary Stein

Co-Founder, CEO

An innovative serial entrepreneur, Zachary Stein brings a multi-faceted expertise in marketing, strategy, investor relations, and business development

Bradley Saveth

Bradley Saveth

Co-Founder, President & COO

Born and raised in Manhattan, he has had a storied career working with and consulting brands such as Live Nation, NFL, MLB, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Wendy’s, AT&T, T-Mobile, American Express, Comcast, and Ford

Cetin Amato

Cetin Amato

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Responsible for leading supply chain and procurement. Cetin is a seasoned entrepreneur with family origins in Turkey and Israel.

Stuart Neiberg

Stuart Neiberg


Stuart formerly worked as a general partner in a private credit fund that collateralizes whiskey for craft distilleries and was the CFO for various technology platform companies.

Ashley Spitz Hamaoui

CMO, Consultant

Public relations and digital marketing strategist and content creation wiz. From startups to publicly traded companies, Ashley has stepped in to launch hundreds of business’s marketing foundations for efficient growth and scalability.

Geraldine Sanchez

Director of Operations

Geraldine was born in Pereira, Colombia and raised in Georgia. Before SupplyCaddy, Geraldine spent 6 years at Chick-fil-A and held various leadership positions, including Director of Operations and Director of Training.

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Packaging Products

Having the correct food packing wraps can make or break your customers’ experience when having take-out food.

Paper Products

Paper food containers and trays are not only convenient, but are on-the-go friendly which is something your customers will love.

Plastic Products

When working in the food industry, disposable plastic cups and lids are a necessity.

Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly disposables are very environmentally friendly and a better-for-you option for your customers.