We’re accountable, accessible and responsive.

We know from years of experience running large scale companies that nobody wants to be hustled, lied to or overcharged. People see right through it, no one has the time for it.

When we started SupplyCaddy, we vowed to view every transaction through the lens of fairness, safety, and speed. If we could say that we gave each customer the best product at the lowest price and delivered it quickly, we’d earn the sale. If we could do it while being good people who get it, we’d have a business.


Today, we’ve become the trusted supplier of safety related supplies and so much more. From food service bags to disinfectant fog machines, we make sure that businesses, restaurants, hospitals, and universities around the world have the essential products they need. It’s not complicated and we strive to keep it that way.  

"We cannot thank SupplyCaddy enough for bailing us out in our time of need! We really appreciate you preventing us from running out of gloves and for being great partners."

Head of Purchasing, Popeyes

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