BJ’s Restaurant Explores New Ordering Options with QSR-Style Testing

BJ's restaurant

BJ’s Restaurant, a popular casual dining chain, has been dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing businesses to adapt to new safety measures and consumer preferences. To improve the ordering process and meet the changing demands of customers, BJ’s has turned to QSR-style testing.

This approach allows the company to experiment with new ordering options, such as kiosks and mobile ordering, in select locations before implementing them chain-wide. This blog will explore BJ’s Restaurant’s decision to use QSR-style testing and the potential benefits it could bring to the company and its customers.

Some Restaurants of BJ’s are Experimenting With QSR-Style Ordering

BJ’s Restaurants is breaking the mold in the sit-down dining world by offering guests the opportunity to order at a counter before they are seated. CEO Greg Levin announced during an earnings call that the 200-unit casual-dining chain is testing this quick-service-style option in a few locations to see how it impacts service speed.

Surprisingly, guests who opted for this ordering method were not necessarily in a rush to leave, often spending around an hour at BJ’s and even ordering additional items. While the chain values the guest experience, they are committed to providing efficient table turns for those looking to move faster. BJ’s is taking various measures to boost speed, including updating their handheld server tablets to accept payments and trimming their menu by about 10% to streamline service.

However, cutting menu items has been a challenge, with some options proving too popular to remove entirely. Despite these challenges, BJ remains confident in its testing process and continues experimenting with menu reductions. As a result, the chain is poised for further growth and success with a record revenue of $341 million for the year’s first quarter.

BJ’s Restaurant Embraces Innovation

Innovative self-service kiosks are among the options currently being tested. These kiosks provide a seamless ordering and payment experience, freeing customers from the need to interact with servers. In addition, customization options and nutritional information are also displayed on the kiosks, adding an extra layer of convenience.

Mobile ordering is another avenue being explored. Customers can place orders via a mobile app, allowing them to collect their food when it’s ready. In addition, BJ’s Restaurant is experimenting with tabletop tablets for ordering.

This unique feature allows diners to peruse the menu, place their orders, and settle their bills without flagging down a server. This technology can benefit larger parties and eliminate the headache of splitting the bill. Beyond enhancing customer experience, these new ordering options can streamline operations, reduce staffing needs, and increase efficiency, saving valuable time and money.

BJ’s Restaurant QSR-style testing of new ordering options proves that the industry is constantly evolving and adapting to meet consumer needs. As technology advances, we can expect even more creative solutions to enhance the customer experience and improve overall efficiency.

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