Bodega Taqueria Goes Green: Serving Frozen Margaritas in Reusable Aluminum Cups for Earth Month

Bodega Taqueria Goes Green Serving Frozen Margaritas in Reusable Aluminum Cups for Earth Month

Starting this month, Bodega Taqueria is taking a big step towards sustainability by serving their frozen margaritas in reusable aluminum cups. The move is part of their Earth Month campaign, aimed at promoting eco-conscious practices and reducing waste.

Bodega Taqueria has been a beloved part of the Florida community for years, known for their delicious tacos, refreshing drinks, and vibrant atmosphere. Their commitment to quality and innovation has helped them become a staple of the local food scene.

Previously, Bodega had been using regular plastic cups for their drinks. However, they recognized the need for a more elevated experience that aligned with their premium alcohol offerings. They tapped into our team at SupplyCaddy, a local supplier of sustainable and reusable cups.

SupplyCaddy is thrilled to collaborate with Bodega Taqueria on this initiative. “We’ve been working with Bodega for almost a year now, helping them package their food and drinks,” says Bradley Saveth, Co-founder of SupplyCaddy. “We’re proud to provide them with these super high-quality cups that not only enhance the drinking experience but also help reduce their environmental impact.”

Customers who purchase a margarita in the reusable aluminum cup can bring it back for discounted refills, making it a win-win for both the environment and their wallets.

Head over to Bodega Taqueria to try their delicious margaritas and see the new cups in action!

About Bodega Taqueria:

Bodega Taqueria has been serving up delicious tacos, drinks, and good times to the local community for years. Known for their vibrant atmosphere and commitment to quality, Bodega is a staple of the local food scene.

About SupplyCaddy:

SupplyCaddy is a supplier of sustainable and reusable cups, bags, and packaging. We work with businesses and organizations to provide eco-friendly alternatives to single-use products, helping to reduce waste and protect the environment. Contact SupplyCaddy today at [email protected] and take your fast-food franchising to the next level!

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