Canadian City Reverses Decision on Paper Cup Fees for Coffee Cups

paper cup fees

As of late, the alarming amount of waste produced by disposable coffee cups has gained significant attention. To combat this growing problem, numerous cities across the globe have taken measures to diminish their usage, such as imposing a levy on one-time use cups. 

Canada has chosen to ditch their proposal of taxing paper coffee cups. This move has prompted worries about the effectiveness of such regulations and their potential impact on both customers and enterprises. In this blog, we will delve into the matter and examine broader concerns encompassing why Canada reversed the decision on paper cup fees for coffee cups.

Why did Vancouver, Canada Reverse their Decision on Paper Cup Fees for Coffee Cups?

Vancouver, British Columbia, is moving to eliminate its 25-cent fee on single-use coffee cups one year after its introduction. On February 14th, Vancouver city councilors presented a motion to repeal the payment by June 1st, which was unanimously passed to the Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities for further discussion.

The paper cup fees were implemented in January 2022 to encourage businesses to invest in reusable alternatives while keeping the quarter charge. However, Councillor Rebecca Bligh, who brought the motion forward, stated that the policy did not achieve its objectives of reducing waste and instead impacted the most vulnerable. In addition, her activity noted that the new fee had unintended consequences, such as equity impacts on vulnerable persons in the community.

On January 25th, the council requested staff to report back by March on the effectiveness of the fee and possible improvements. Staff recommended exempting free drinks from the payment, such as those received from gift cards or free drink coupons, and developing low-barrier cup-share programs for people experiencing poverty or living with low incomes. Staff also recommended bylaw amendments requiring food vendors to accept a customer’s reusable cup for in-store orders.

The motion acknowledges that single-use beverage cups are recyclable in Vancouver and that there have been several previous pilot programs to reduce single-cup use, such as a Return-It project with Tim Hortons and Starbucks. The motion notes that the city is committed to reducing waste and litter from single-use items, but the fee has yet to be effective in accomplishing its intended objectives. Therefore, the staff must report other policy recommendations and pathways by the fourth quarter of 2023.

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The Controversy Over Victoria’s Proposed Paper Cups Fee and Its Subsequent Reversal

The city of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, recently made headlines when it announced a new law that would require coffee shops and restaurants to charge customers a fee for using paper coffee cups. The decision was met with mixed reactions from the public, with some applauding the move as a step towards reducing waste and others criticizing it as an unnecessary burden on consumers. However, just a few weeks after the announcement, the city reversed its decision and announced that it would not implement the paper cups fee. The decision came after widespread backlash from the public, including an online petition that garnered thousands of signatures.

So, what led to the reversal of the paper cups fee in Victoria? 

  • One of the main arguments against the price was that it would disproportionately affect low-income individuals, who may be unable to afford the extra cost.
  • Additionally, some argued that the fee would not effectively reduce waste, as many people would switch to bringing their reusable cups instead of paying the price.
  • Ultimately, the potential drawbacks of the paper cup fee outweighed the benefits for the city of Victoria. While reducing waste and promoting sustainability are essential goals, it’s clear that any policy to achieve these goals must consider the concerns and needs of all stakeholders involved.

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