Delivery on Demand Continues to Drive Growth in the Restaurant Industry

delivery on demand

The dining landscape has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent times, and among its noteworthy facelifts is the emergence of on-demand food delivery services. With the convenience of mobile technology taking center stage, diners now anticipate prompt and dependable delivery for their culinary cravings. This shift has spurred a fresh niche in the restaurant industry […]

The Future of Full Service Restaurants as Market Projections Reach $1.93 Trillion by 2033

full service restaurants

The culinary landscape has always been a vital contributor to the global economy, satiating appetites and providing job opportunities worldwide. Recently, the full service restaurants sector has been experiencing an impressive surge, and market forecasts predict this momentum will persist. A recent study estimates that the full service restaurant market will ascend to a whopping […]

Wendy’s Lays Out Bold Plan to Take Climate Action

wendy’s lays out bold plan to take climate action

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, affecting everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Wendy’s, the popular fast-food chain, has recognized this and is taking bold steps to reduce its environmental impact. In a recent announcement, the company unveiled its plan to tackle climate change […]

The Future of Fast-Casual Restaurants in 2023 and Beyond

fast-casual restaurants

The world of fast-casual restaurants is evolving quickly as we advance farther into the twenty-first century. This revolution is being driven by the development of new technology, shifting customer tastes, and altering cultural norms. The outcome is a drastically altered scene from only a few years ago. Fast-casual restaurants’ future will undoubtedly be affected by […]

Should Restaurants Still Believe in Ghost Kitchens?

should restaurants still believe in ghost kitchens

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in the popularity of ghost kitchens, with many restaurant owners turning to this model as a way to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic. According to industry expert Lee Schulman, this growth can be attributed to the easy accessibility and convenience of ordering food […]

What Families Look For in Fast-Casual Restaurants

what families look for in fast-casual restaurants

What do families look for in fast-casual restaurants? Fast-casual restaurants are a growing industry segment, ranking at 9 percent of restaurant volume. Overall restaurant traffic has been down 4 percent in the last three years, and fast-casual traffic increased by 9 percent, according to NPD Group/CREST. We know that the fast-casual segment is a growth […]

McDonald’s New Quick Service Restaurant Format: How Will it Affect Food Packaging?

What is McDonald’s new quick service format and how will it affect food packaging? McDonald’s has expanded their new Quick-Service Restaurant format to more than 2,000 restaurants in the US. The new format is a modernized and streamlined version of the classic restaurant designed to serve families on the go.  This modernization will shift McDonald’s […]

Why Dining is Declining Despite Increasing Restaurant Sales

why dining is declining despite increasing restaurant sales

Why dining is declining despite increasing restaurant sales? While in the past, it seemed that more people were eating out, now it seems like fewer are. What has happened? This article takes a look at how society is changing with the times and what might be the cause of this decline in dining. Also, it […]