Craveworthy Brands Announces Monumental Move to Acquire Interest in Dirty Dough Cookies

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Get ready for a flavor-filled update that’s making waves in the world of sweet treats! 

Craveworthy Brands, known for their tasty creations, is making a big move by teaming up with Dirty Dough Cookies. In this blog post, we will spill the beans on what this partnership means and why it’s a game-changer for your dessert cravings. 

Craveworthy Brands Announces Monumental Move to Acquire Interest in Dirty Dough Cookies

Craveworthy Brands, a mix of new and popular fast-food joints, just scored big by adding Dirty Dough, the excellent cookie shop, to its collection. The company is grabbing a significant chunk of Dirty Dough, making it a star in Craveworthy’s diverse food lineup. Dirty Dough is no small fry – it has more than 55 spots, ten food trucks, and over 450 franchises sold. With 40 more shops in the works, it’s set to double in size next year. It’s like the MVP in Craveworthy’s lineup. 

Bennett Maxwell, who started it all in his Arizona State apartment in 2018, founded Dirty Dough. The first shop popped up in March 2020. This cookie business became a headline grabber when it got into a legal showdown with Crumbl, the cookie giant. Crumbl accused Dirty Dough and another cookie company, Crave Cookies, of copying their style in 2022. The CEOs, Bennett Maxwell and Jason McGowan, didn’t hold back on social media. The whole thing settled in fall 2022, opening the door for Craveworthy Brands to step in.

Moreover, Gregg Majewski, Craveworthy’s head honcho, is stoked about this move. Taking on Dirty Dough fits right into what Craveworthy does best – giving a power boost to fantastic brands. He’s taking over as the big boss at Dirty Dough and sees this as the perfect moment to team up. “We are so excited to bring the Dirty Dough team into the Craveworthy family. This deal is a perfect fit because this is what we do best,” said Majewski. “We super-charge amazing brands and give them what they need to thrive.”

So, what makes Dirty Dough stand out in the cookie game? Like Crumbl, they switch up their weekly flavors, bringing back the classics. But here’s the twist – Dirty Dough builds each cookie from the inside out. Layers, mix-ins, and fillings inside the dough make it a cookie experience. This acquisition makes Dirty Dough the 11th member of Craveworthy’s food family. The platform, born in 2022 with the addition of Wing it On! and The Budlong Hot Chicken, is growing fast. It later added Mongolian Concepts Restaurant Group, the parent of Genghis Grill, Flat Top Grill, and BD’s Mongolian Grill. More additions, with names like Soom Soom, a Mediterranean brand, and virtual concepts Scramblin Ed’s and Pastizza, are coming.

Looking ahead to 2024, Craveworthy has big goals. They want to give out 125 franchise spots, acquire more food joints, open 17 of their places, and launch 60 virtual restaurants. They’re eyeing a massive $1 billion in sales within five years. Craveworthy Brands is turning to regulated crowdfunding to fuel this speedy growth, asking everyday folks to chip in.

So, what’s the bottom line? Craveworthy Brands is making moves, and Dirty Dough is the latest star in its constellation of tasty businesses. As they expand, prepare for more delicious surprises – because in the “cookie wars,” Craveworthy Brands is the one coming out on top, one Dirty Dough cookie at a time.

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