CSG Protect, manufactured by Honeywell, was created to exponentially extend the life of your surfaces by protecting them from harsh chemical cleaners, while also acting as a key component of your solutions to keep customers, employees, faculty and students safe.


CSG Protect is non-insulating, does not attract heat, nor does it prevent heat from dissipating. It has the widest temperature range of any protective laminate, spanning from -65 degrees F to 240 degrees F.

The widest temperature range of any protective laminate


CSG Protect is a chemical barrier designed to protect all surfaces from the harshest of compounds and cleaning chemicals, keeping your communal spaces and classrooms protected while also extending the life of all assets covered by CSG Protect laminate.


Our protective laminate helps keep your community safe. In addition to being able to clean CSG Protect with any cleaner you’d like, it’s Biostatic properties shorten the life of microorganisms by disrupting the cell’s ability to reproduce.

Protect Your Devices

We work directly with your team to ensure your custom decal kits are on brand, easy to install, and customized down to the exact dimensions of your product. This allows for anyone to quickly install and protect your surfaces.

CSG Protect does not affect touch screen capabilities on electronic devices due to its Temperature Safe properties. It can be applied to any shape or size of device.

Optically Clear Laminate

Customize Your Protective Wrap

CSG Protect comes in clear or can be customized to any color, pattern, logo or print desired. CSG Protect can also be used as a dry erase surface. Erase markers remove effortlessly and even permanent markers are removed by common cleaning chemicals such as Rubbing Alcohol.

Whether it is a single desk or an entire campus or office, we customize our templates to meet our client’s individual needs. Our laminate comes in clear, any solid color, or with a custom printed design.

CSG Protect does not employ traditional antimicrobial poisons or heavy metals, and is proven to be non-toxic.


CSG Protect safeguards against color fading, with it’s double layer of UV protection, keeping your fleet looking vibrant for years.

Our national team of professional installers can quickly install the product. Or, with the support of the “How to install” guide and online support video library, your team can complete the install too.

CSG Protect is 0.114mm thick and comes in 54” x 150’ rolls, but can be customized to any size.

CSG Protect has 3 options: Clear, solid color (pantone matched) or fully custom CMYK print process laminate.

CSG Protect is simple to install, has a 7 year life expectancy, and is easily removable.

CSG Protect can be installed on a variety of surface types and conditions. It conforms to flat surfaces or simple-to-complex curves.

CSG Protect has a 7 year life expectancy

Your solution to keep your community safe

CSG Protect Film is a high-performance structure, combining polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE)

fluoropolymer durable barrier clear cover film, layered with an outdoor grade of pressure-sensitive adhesive plus a peelable PET liner, allowing efficient and simple field application to a variety of surfaces. CSG Protect offers excellent clarity and a moisture barrier combined with world-class leading chemical stain and UV-resistance. CSG Protect will exponentially extend the life of your surfaces by protecting them from harsh chemical cleaners, while also acting as a key component of your solution to keep your community safe.



Typical Value

Test Method

PCTFE Film Thickness

2 mil (50.8 um)


24hr 180° Peel

>90 oz/in (>50 gm/mm)


Application Temperature

>50°F (>10°C) (Temperature for installation)

-65 to 240° F (Temperature tolerance once installed)

*PSTC 101

Shelf Life (RT, 50%RH)

2 years (not installed)


Life Expectancy

7+ years (installed)



Laminated to metal

MD +0.5%

TD -0.1%

10min, 300°F

Water Vapor Transmission Rate @77°F (25°C) / 60% RH

@100°F (37.8°C) / 100% RH

gms/100in²/day (gms/m2/day)

0.0012 (0.019)

0.0077 (0.119)

ASTM F1249

Adhesive Strength



Clean Removal



*Pressure Sensitive Tape Council

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