Mastering Drive-Thru on Demand: How to Keep Up with 21st Century Drive-Thru Demands

drive-thru on demand

In this fast-paced world of the 21st century, where time is of the essence, and convenience reigns supreme, one phenomenon stands out as a beacon of efficiency: drive-thru on demand. Whether grabbing your morning coffee on the way to work or satisfying those late-night cravings, the drive-thru has become an integral part of our daily routines.

But as technology advances and consumer expectations evolve, mastering the drive-thru experience is no longer just about quick service and a friendly smile. It’s about staying ahead of the curve and meeting the demands of the 21st-century drive-thru.

In this blog, we will explore the ins and outs of this modern marvel and share tips and strategies to help you keep up with the ever-changing drive-thru landscape. From optimizing your operations to leveraging the power of technology, we will delve into the key factors contributing to a seamless and satisfying drive-thru experience.

Mastering the Art of Meeting Drive-Thru Demands in the 21st Century

Drive-thru ordering has skyrocketed since the pandemic. Restaurants had to make changes to survive. Before COVID-19, drive-thru accounted for 26% of restaurant orders by November 2021.

This surge in demand presents a great opportunity for restaurant owners and chains to improve efficiency. Many fast-food chains are upgrading their drive-thru and mobile ordering systems to serve customers better. Brands like Panera, McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC have redesigned their restaurants focusing on drive-thru. Taco Bell introduced a two-story drive-thru location called “Taco Bell Defy” with multiple lanes, video technology, and food delivery through vacuum tubes.

Even fast-casual chains are starting to experiment with drive-thru technology. Chipotle introduced “Chipotlanes” for mobile ordering drive-thru, resulting in 15% more digital sales than locations without this option. Dine-in sales now account for only one-third of their business. Other restaurants will likely adopt efficient digital ordering channels to increase profits and enhance the drive-thru experience.

The restaurant industry is facing challenges, particularly with staffing. The labor shortage is affecting drive-thru operations. To overcome this, restaurants are turning to technology advancements. Machine learning and AI can improve order accuracy, speed, and customer satisfaction, ultimately enhancing restaurant efficiency. Some major quick-service restaurant chains have reduced drive-thru greeting times from 45 seconds to just 2 seconds and increased average order sizes using AI. The State of the Restaurant Industry Report predicts that more restaurants will embrace tech and automation to alleviate labor shortages.

AI-powered drive-thrus are gaining popularity, with Wendy’s leveraging Google Cloud for AI-enabled voice technology to take orders and transmit information to the kitchen and POS without human workers. Restaurant owners are using technology to meet demands and overcome labor shortages. Yum! Brands, which owns KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, implemented an AI-driven kitchen and delivery management platform in nearly 500 Pizza Hut locations in 2022, with plans for over 7,000 additional stores by the end of this year.

These tech innovations have proven successful with Yum! Generating $2 billion in revenue in Q4 of 2022, a 7% increase from Q4 in 2021. Keeping up with the demands of the 21st century has been challenging for restaurants, especially with labor shortages. However, quick-service restaurants can thrive in this digital age by combining human workers with technology.

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