PJ’s Coffee Brews Up a Winning Blend

PJ's coffee

In the world of coffee, where every sip tells a story, there’s a name that stands out – PJ’s Coffee. This renowned coffeehouse has been weaving a rich tapestry of flavor and tradition, creating a winning blend that captivates the palates of coffee enthusiasts around the globe. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a trendsetter in the coffee industry, PJ’s Coffee has become synonymous with excellence and a commitment to brewing more than just a cup of coffee.

In this blog post, we will explore the aromatic world of PJ’s Coffee, where passion, quality, and innovation come together to create a truly exceptional coffee experience.

PJ’s Coffee Brews Up a Winning Blend

In the late ’70s, an Iowa native named Phyllis Jordan landed in the vibrant streets of New Orleans and fell in love with the city’s energy. Inspired to bring a fresh coffee vibe to NOLA, she founded the first PJ’s Coffee & Tea Company in 1978. Known for its Southern charm and locally roasted coffee, PJ’s has come a long way.

Fast forward to 2023, and PJ’s Coffee has expanded to nearly 30 new locations, making waves across 15 states and two international markets. Ballard Brands took the reins in 2008, steering PJ’s towards a growth spurt that earned them a spot on QSR’s top 50 contenders list in 2023.

What makes PJ’s Coffee click? According to David Mesa Jr., Ballard Brands’ chief development officer, it’s about understanding the “soul of coffee.” This core principle, rooted in Jordan’s vision of uniting people through coffee, has been the secret sauce for PJ’s success. PJ’s isn’t just chasing trends; it’s setting them. The brand is booming, with $56 million in U.S. sales in 2022 and a remarkable 91.6% increase in visits in November 2023. Adapting to changing times, PJ’s Coffee embraced a drive-thru model and a tech upgrade, ensuring they efficiently serve their growing customer base.

While keeping its Southern roots, PJ’s Coffee evolves with the times. Mesa emphasizes their commitment to being the “soul of coffee,” introducing new menu items like frozen options, seasonal flavors, cold brews, and energy-boosting infusions. Even as PJ’s Coffee celebrates its 175th location in Pensacola, Florida, marking a 100 percent growth rate in under six years, the brand remains focused on responsible growth. Expanding in Texas, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia, PJ strategically ensures the brand’s and its franchisees’ success.

Proudly bringing a taste of New Orleans, PJ’s Coffee is more than a coffee shop; it’s a global phenomenon. As they anticipate over 40 new openings in 2024 and project a chain of 375 units by 2027, PJ’s Coffee is not just brewing coffee; it’s brewing success and a winning blend that resonates with coffee lovers everywhere.

How Long Has PJ’s Coffee Been Around?

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans has a rich history of 45 years. The coffee shop was established in 1978 by Phyllis Jordan, a true trailblazer in the coffee industry. Phyllis had a distinct vision for PJ’s Coffee, centered around using top-tier coffee beans, employing superior roasting methods, and fostering an unwavering passion for coffee-making.

Phyllis Jordan’s commitment to coffee quality has remained at the core of PJ’s Coffee’s identity. The roasting methods employed by PJ’s are not just a routine process but a continuation of Phyllis’s dedication to excellence. Remarkably, these roasting activities occur just blocks from the renowned French Quarter in New Orleans, adding a touch of local authenticity to the brand.

As PJ’s Coffee celebrates its 45th anniversary, it is a testament to Phyllis Jordan’s enduring legacy and commitment to delivering a superb coffee experience. The coffee shop has become a cherished part of the New Orleans community, offering a cup of coffee and a journey through decades of passion, innovation, and a genuine love for the craft.

The Company Behind PJ’s Coffee

Paul Ballard’s journey with PJ’s Coffee began during his undergraduate years at Tulane University, where his future wife, Torry, introduced him to the life-changing experience of PJ’s specialty beverages. The allure of PJ’s iced mochas captivated Paul, setting the stage for a remarkable entrepreneurial venture.

In 1995, fueled by their passion for the brand, Paul and Torry opened their first PJ’s Coffee franchise in Covington, Louisiana. The success of this endeavor prompted them to expand swiftly, adding a second location in Baton Rouge. Simultaneously, Paul’s brothers, Scott and Steven, and their respective wives, Kristi and Lori, embarked on their own PJ’s Coffee and Smoothie King franchises in North Carolina.

Six years after the inauguration of the initial PJ’s Coffee store, Paul ventured further into the restaurant industry. He conceived a quick-service restaurant named WOW Café, reflecting his commitment to innovation and quality dining experiences. Recognizing the potential for growth and franchising, the Ballards sold their North Carolina businesses in 2002, marking a return to New Orleans to unite forces.

In 2008, a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory unfolded as the Ballards acquired PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. This strategic move consolidated their influence over the brand, paving the way for further expansion. In 2012, they witnessed the establishment of Ballard Brands, a testament to the family’s commitment to organizational structure and brand management. Serving as the parent company, Ballard Brands became the driving force behind their expanding portfolio.

The creation of Ballard Brands solidified its position in the market and allowed for more diverse ventures and strategic acquisitions. As the Ballards navigated the ever-evolving landscape of the food and beverage industry, their dedication to quality and innovation propelled their company into a significant player on the business stage. Today, Ballard Brands is a testament to the success born out of passion, commitment, and a love for quality coffee experiences.

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