What Strategies Did a 225-Location Restaurant Franchise Employ to Enhance Employee Engagement and  Training?

employee engagement and training

Maintaining a motivated and well-trained workforce is essential in the fast-paced world of quick-service restaurants, where every second counts and customer satisfaction reigns supreme. Golden Chick, a leading chain with 225 locations, recognized this challenge and embarked on a quest to enhance employee engagement and training across its vast network. 

In this blog post, we will explore the strategies employed by a 225-location restaurant franchise to enhance employee engagement and training.

What Strategies Did a 225-Location Restaurant Franchise Employ to Enhance Employee Engagement and  Training?

Michelle Kiker, the insightful director of training and operational services at Golden Chick, shares the genesis of their innovative strategy. “We realized we were missing a vital link in communication with our hourly employees,” she explains. “UPshow SHIFT helped us bridge that gap and create a more connected and engaged workforce.”

Their approach lies in a simple yet powerful philosophy: happy employees lead to happy customers. Research backs this up, showing that engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave their jobs. With UPshow SHIFT, Golden Chick found a way to foster a sense of belonging and appreciation among their hourly staff, from celebrating milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries to sharing fun trivia and company updates.

But the benefits of enhanced employee engagement extend beyond just warm fuzzies. Reduced turnover rates mean lower recruitment and training costs, while happier employees are more likely to deliver exceptional customer service. For Golden Chick, investing in their workforce through UPshow SHIFT was a strategic decision that paid off in spades.

One of the restaurant industry’s biggest challenges is ensuring consistent employee training, especially across multiple locations. Golden Chick tackled this head-on by leveraging UPshow SHIFT as a comprehensive training tool. By delivering visual instructions and promotional materials directly to TV displays in their restaurants, they eliminated the need for employees to log into separate systems or sift through paperwork. The result? A more streamlined and effective training process that translated into improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

What started as a trial in a handful of restaurants quickly expanded to encompass every corporate location and select franchise outlets. Golden Chick’s commitment to innovation and excellence was evident in their decision to roll out UPshow SHIFT across the entire brand, empowering franchises to manage their displays while aligning with corporate messaging.

The impact of Golden Chick’s partnership with UPshow SHIFT cannot be overstated. By prioritizing employee engagement and training, they cultivated a vibrant and positive work culture and achieved tangible business results. With declining turnover rates and customer satisfaction on the rise, Golden Chick is a shining example of how technology can drive operational success in the restaurant industry.

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