Why Use Paper Bags For Your Food Business

paper bags for business

Why use paper bags for your business? Food businesses that offer to-go orders would need to stock up on quality wholesale to go containers and bags that are strong enough to carry them. Plastic bags are the preferred type of most businesses because they are cheap and readily available. However, businesses should start use paper bags instead of the increasing plastic waste problem in our oceans and landfills.

Nowadays, people want to find ways to live a greener lifestyle by cutting back on plastic. Many options are available for packaging your food items so they don’t come wrapped in plastic. In this article, we will examine why paper bags can be an excellent option for your food business.

Why Use Paper Bags For Your Food Business

The packaging industry is growing by 2.9 percent on an annual basis. Experts predict the industry will be worth $851 billion by 2022. The paperboard and packaging industry is worth about $213.4 billion, or 25 percent of the total. Demand for paper packaging is increasing by 3.5% annually.

Because of these factors, leading manufacturers are paying particular attention to the paper packaging market. Here are the top four reasons why food establishments should think about moving from using plastic bags to paper bags, aside from helping to minimize the waste issue:

Paper bags are safe and environmentally friendly

Paper bags are an environmentally-friendly and versatile choice. They’re usually made of recycled paper or sustainable materials like corn, meaning they’re not toxic. Paper bags also help the environment by reducing household waste and dangerous fumes emitted from plastic when exposed to heat.

Paper bags are an environmentally-friendly option for carrying your groceries. They are made of entirely biodegradable materials, so they will decompose faster than plastic bags. In addition, paper bags will not contribute to the death of marine life if they end up in the ocean.

They are strong and can transport more food

Paper bags are a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. They are durable and can also hold more weight than one of these disposable bags. Additionally, some paper bags come with handles that allow you to carry more items or containers at once.

One of the good things about paper bags is that they’re self-standing. They also have more space than plastic because of their construction. Their rectangular shape means more space, and you can stack containers on top of each other to make them look neater.

Promotional uses for paper bags are possible

Paper bags offer the same benefits as plastic bags but come in various sizes and designs, making them perfect for branding. In addition, since people tend to save paper bags for later use, they can do double duty as a promotional tool. You’ll also get these benefits without any additional cost.

Paper bags look more elegant, and customers will love them, especially if they can see your commitment being green in your business. 

Paper bags are a fantastic method for rebranding

If you’ve been using plastic bags at your business, replacing them with paper bags can be an excellent opportunity to rebrand as a sustainable company. Not only will it get the attention of potential customers, but you’ll also gain social responsibility points as you lead by example.

Today consumers are more likely to go with green, eco-friendly brands, and products. Nielsen calculated that sales of sustainable products increased by almost 50% from 2014 to 2020. And despite the outbreak, sustainability-marketed products continued to grow, according to NYU’s Center for Sustainable Business.

Shift to Paper Bags Now With SupplyCaddy!

Why use paper bags for business? Your food business needs to provide a great customer experience and environmentally-friendly solutions. So another approach is to start using paper bags in your industry. Paper bags outperform plastic in many aspects, making it easy to decide that they’re the best option for your business.

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