How Did Buena Papa Rise from Dinner Idea to a Shark Tank Multi-Million-Dollar Deal Concept?

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In the world of entrepreneurship, there are countless tales of innovation, ambition, and perseverance that have turned seemingly ordinary ideas into extraordinary success stories, as seen in the inspiring journey of “Buena Papa” from a simple dinner idea to a Shark Tank multi-million-dollar deal concept on the hit television show.

Join us as we delve into the captivating journey of how Buena Papa rose from being just a dinner idea to becoming a multi-million-dollar deal concept that left the sharks themselves astounded. In this blog post, we will explore the key turning points, strategies, and the dedicated team behind this culinary sensation, and discover the invaluable lessons aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from their inspiring success story.

How Did Buena Papa Rise from Dinner Idea to a Shark Tank Multi-Million-Dollar Deal Concept?

In the ever-evolving world of fast casual dining, a unique and mouthwatering concept can emerge from the most unexpected places. Buena Papa Fry Bar is a prime example of how a simple dinner idea, born out of necessity and innovation, can transform into a multi-million-dollar sensation that even caught the attention of the formidable investors on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” 

The Beginning: A Fusion of Flavors and Innovation

The story of Buena Papa Fry Bar begins in the heart of James and Johanna Windon’s home. One ordinary evening, they faced the challenge of deciding what to prepare for dinner. Johanna, with her Colombian heritage, was in the process of making bandeja paisa, a traditional and beloved Colombian dish. This dish is a delectable medley of chorizo, avocado, beans, and fried pork belly, all served with a generous helping of rice. However, a critical ingredient needed to be added to their kitchen that evening – rice.

It was 2020 when grocery shopping had become a strategic endeavor, and the Windon family was not in the mood for another grocery run. In a moment of inspiration, James proposed a simple yet audacious idea: why not substitute rice with homemade French fries? A carb-for-carb swap that might have seemed unconventional, even sacrilegious, given the reverence for traditional Latin dishes like bandeja paisa.

Johanna hesitated, pondering how her mother would react to this unconventional twist on a cherished recipe. Nevertheless, the couple decided to plunge, replacing the rice with French fries and allowing Latin flavors to infuse this seemingly simple side dish. As they gathered around the dinner table that evening, they witnessed an astonishing transformation. The Latin ingredients intertwined with the golden fries, creating a culinary fusion that was as astonishing as it was delicious.

This serendipitous culinary experiment ignited a spark in the Windon family. At the time, they were searching for a new venture after their cleaning service had been shuttered due to pandemic restrictions. It was this moment that gave birth to the idea of opening a restaurant, a restaurant that would revolve around the humble French fry.

Buena Papa Fry Bar Emerges

Following numerous experiments and taste tests with family and friends, James and Johanna brought their dream to life. Buena Papa Fry Bar officially opened its doors in 2021, with its inaugural location within a 200-square-foot stall in the bustling Morgan Street Food Hall in Raleigh, North Carolina. The venture demanded significant courage and a leap of faith, as the Windons invested $40,000 of their life savings, leaving them with only $18 in their bank account.

At the heart of Buena Papa Fry Bar’s menu were French fries, an iconic and beloved side item in the culinary world. These fries, freshly prepared, served as the canvas for a plethora of global toppings. The menu offered diverse options, including Colombiano, Americano, Carolina, Mexicano, Italiano, Healthy, Boricua (Puerto Rico), and Griego (Greek). Fusing flavors and cultures was a testament to the Windon family’s creative genius.

Navigating the “Shark Tank” Experience

Appearing on “Shark Tank” was a nerve-wracking experience for James and Johanna. They rehearsed their pitch countless times and were keenly aware of the challenge of presenting their unique concept to a panel of accomplished investors within a two-minute window. Their confidence in their brand was unwavering, but pitching to millionaires and billionaires about a culinary concept they knew little about was a formidable task.

The episode aired on October 20, and the immediate aftermath was nothing short of a whirlwind. Sales at Buena Papa Fry Bar skyrocketed by 40-50 percent, and the restaurant received an influx of franchise inquiries from across the nation. The Windons, who initially aimed for rapid expansion, decided to take a step back and ensure the sustainability of their brand before proceeding with more aggressive growth plans.

A Bright Future: Expanding the Buena Papa Empire

Buena Papa Fry Bar is not resting on its laurels. A fourth corporate store is set to open in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, a bustling tourist destination that perfectly aligns with Buena Papa’s target demographic. The restaurant recently received its certificate of occupancy and is set to welcome customers in the coming weeks. James and Johanna are leveraging their entrepreneurial background in marketing and sales from the entertainment industry to build brand awareness and create strategic partnerships in the Miami market.

The Buena Papa Fry Bar team has set ambitious goals for the future. They plan to open one corporate location annually for the next five years, in addition to signing three to five franchise deals each month. Buena Papa has already inked nine franchise agreements in markets such as Chapel Hill, Jacksonville, and Atlanta. The first multi-unit contract was signed with Tom Graziano, a New Jersey-based operator with experience in quick-service concepts, including QDOBA and Subway.

To ensure the success of their franchise expansion, Buena Papa has engaged franchise consultants to refine their business model and create a repeatable, franchisable version of their concept. They are also developing a digital platform that will provide answers to potential franchisees’ questions about running a Buena Papa Fry Bar. Currently, the chain offers three prototypes: food stalls, standalone stores, and kiosks.

Learning from the Shark Tank Experience

Buena Papa may have struck a deal with Robert Herjavec, but the feedback from the other Sharks, particularly Mark Cuban, had a lasting impact on the Windons. Cuban expressed concerns about the potential negative impact of franchising on their business. This feedback prompted the couple to conduct thorough research and establish benchmarks to ensure the brand’s infrastructure and franchisee selection process was robust and reliable. They are committed to avoiding the pitfalls that have befallen other businesses in their pursuit of sustainable growth.

A Humble Journey Towards Culinary Success

In the end, the story of Buena Papa Fry Bar is not just about culinary innovation; it’s a testament to the determination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of James and Johanna Windon. Their journey from a modest family dinner idea to a nationwide sensation and a successful “Shark Tank” pitch serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. As they continue to build their brand and expand their culinary empire, Buena Papa Fry Bar is a shining example of how innovation, hard work, and a dash of audacity can transform a simple dinner concept into a multi-million-dollar success story.

“We are here now,” Johanna says, reflecting on their remarkable journey. “And looking back, we have worked hard, and we’re going to continue to take that hard workpiece and move forward.” The Buena Papa story is far from over, and it’s a testament to the fact that with dedication and a touch of creative genius, even the most unexpected dinner ideas can lead to extraordinary success.

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