How Does Huey Magoo’s Flourish in the Market?

huey magoos chicken tenders

Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders have taken the fast-food world by storm, becoming a culinary sensation that captures the hearts (and taste buds) of consumers across the nation. One such phenomenon is the irresistible allure of chicken tenders, and at the forefront of this crispy, golden, and delicious movement is none other than Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the sizzling success story of Huey Magoo’s and explore what sets these mouthwatering chicken tenders apart in a crowded marketplace. We’ll uncover the secret behind their enduring popularity, their commitment to quality, and how they’ve managed to flourish, carving out a niche for themselves in a competitive industry. 

How Do Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders Flourish in the Market?

Picture this: the sizzling, mouthwatering aroma of crispy chicken tenders, served with a zesty dipping sauce, fresh out of the fryer. Your taste buds tingle at the thought, and you’re not alone. Huey Magoo’s, a fast-casual gem, is making waves by dishing out these delectable chicken tenders. With their 50th restaurant recently opening in North Carolina, let’s take a flavorful journey through the success story of Huey Magoo’s in the world of chicken tenders.

The Chicken Maestro: Andy Howard

Our culinary adventure begins with a man who knows chicken like the back of his hand – Andy Howard. With over 35 years in the poultry business, Howard’s journey started at Kenny Rogers Roasters, where he climbed the corporate ladder to senior vice president. From rotisserie to breast to wings and, finally, tender, he was on a mission to uncover the secret to chicken perfection.

His culinary expedition continued at Ranch One, where he dabbled in marketing, purchasing, and the art of chicken research and development. But it was at Wingstop, during his decade-long stint, that he witnessed the chicken world transform. Little did he know that the next big thing in the chicken scene would be the humble chicken tender.

The Rise of Chicken Tenders

Wings had their time in the spotlight, but things got a little wingy with price fluctuations and supply chain hiccups, especially during the pandemic. Enter chicken tenders, initially disguised as boneless wings, offering both availability and affordability. People were hungry for this golden, crispy delight.

Howard realized the chicken tender trend was on the verge of a breakthrough. Eager to explore this newfound territory, he did what any curious food enthusiast would do: he typed “chicken tenders” into his trusty search engine. Huey Magoo’s popped up, and his interest was immediately piqued.

The Huey Magoo’s Difference

Founded in 2004 by Matt Armstrong and Thad Hudgens, Huey Magoo’s isn’t your run-of-the-mill fast-food joint. They’re on a mission to serve only the finest, all-natural tenders, affectionately known as “The Filet Mignon of Chicken.” Quality is their middle name, and only the top 3 percent of chicken makes it onto their menu.

In 2016, Howard and his team of former Wingstop executives took the reins, transforming Huey Magoo’s into a franchise-ready sensation. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work, making innovation their middle name. During the pandemic, they put the pedal to the metal with drive-thru prototypes, and their first venture in Loganville, Georgia, exceeded all expectations, racking up sales three times their initial projections.

Huey Magoo’s Flexibility

What sets Huey Magoo’s apart is its adaptability. Howard proudly declares, “We do a lot of conversions; we also do endcaps in strip centers, but even the non-drive-thrus are very successful.” This flexibility has been the secret sauce behind their record-breaking growth. From 20 stores in 2021 to 40 units by the end of 2022, they’ve been on a roll. The 50th restaurant near Asheville, North Carolina, is a testament to their ever-expanding reach.

The Road to Success

Huey Magoo’s isn’t just coasting on its chicken tenders; it’s charging ahead. The brand has sold a jaw-dropping 250 franchises, and franchisees are eyeing the opportunity to own multiple stores. In 2022, they witnessed an impressive 22 percent increase in same-store sales, and their systemwide sales crossed the $30 million mark in 2021.

One of the magnets drawing potential franchisees is the promise of endless expansion within Huey Magoo’s system. Unlike older brands that might limit franchisees to specific territories, Huey Magoo encourages early franchisees to spread their wings. They span over eight states, including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Ohio. They’re continuing beyond there, opening new markets and partnering with passionate franchisees.

Expansion Beyond Borders

Huey Magoo’s has its sights set on horizons far and wide. Franchises are now on sale in 12 states, even venturing into Missouri and Nevada. The 42nd Huey Magoo’s location, nestled inside the Fremont Food Hall in Las Vegas, is a shining example of the brand’s growth.

Howard’s enthusiasm is contagious as he declares, “We are going to keep growing this baby, and I do not have a finished number.” It’s not just about expansion; it’s about relishing the journey and making a pretty penny while at it. Huey Magoo’s is more than a business; it’s a flourishing, joyful, and lucrative adventure for the corporate team and franchisees.


In a fast-paced world of quick bites and culinary delights, Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders stand tall. With their unwavering commitment to quality, remarkable adaptability, and a robust franchise model, this brand has survived and soared to new heights in the fiercely competitive chicken market.

As they continue to spread their flavorful wings across the United States, Huey Magoo remains a shining example of innovation and the pure joy of serving the most delicious chicken tenders in town. The next time your taste buds demand a crispy, tender delight, remember where to go – Huey Magoo’s, where chicken tenders flourish in the market.

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Huey Magoo’s, a delightful fast-casual haven for chicken tender lovers, was born in 2004, thanks to the vision of two southern enthusiasts, Matt Armstrong and Thad Hudgens. Their shared passion for top-notch chicken and a deep commitment to serving others laid the foundation for what would become a beloved culinary sensation.

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