How Honey Baked Ham Signed Multi-Unit Deal with Founder’s Great-Grandson

Honey Baked Ham signs a multi-unit deal

In the ever-evolving landscape of franchising and family businesses, there are few success stories as heartwarming and intriguing as that of Honey Baked Ham. For decades, this beloved American brand has delighted taste buds and created cherished memories during holidays and special occasions. But what makes this story truly remarkable is how it recently took a unique turn, as the company signed a multi-unit deal with none other than the founder’s great-grandson.

Yes, you read that correctly — Honey Baked Ham, a legacy in its own right, is about to embark on a new chapter with a direct descendant of its visionary founder. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating tale of Honey Baked Ham, exploring its rich history and the significant role it has played in the American culinary tradition. We’ll also delve into the remarkable multi-unit deal that has brought a new generation of family members back into the fold. 

How Did Honey Baked Ham Signs Multi-Unit Deal With Founder’s Great-Grandson?

In iconic brands, few have a legacy as rich and flavorful as the Honey Baked Ham Company. Known for its premium hams, succulent turkeys, and mouthwatering sides, this culinary institution recently made headlines with an exciting multi-unit agreement. In a heartwarming twist, Tom McGwire, the great-grandson of the brand’s founder, Harry Hoenselaar, has signed a deal that will see the expansion of the Honey Baked Ham legacy into new territories. 

A Family Affair: The McGwire Legacy

At the heart of this story is Tom McGwire, the managing partner of the operating group Red House Connecticut LLC. Tom’s family tree is deeply entwined with the Honey Baked Ham legacy, as he is a great-grandson of the brand’s visionary founder, Harry Hoenselaar. His father, Tad, and his two brothers, Charlie and Brett, join him in this venture. The group’s signed agreement is not just a mere business deal; it’s a heartwarming continuation of a family tradition.

This multi-unit agreement encompasses purchasing two existing Honey Baked Ham locations in Newington and Milford, Connecticut, and an exciting commitment to developing two brand-new stores in Providence, Rhode Island, and Springfield, Massachusetts. As an additional layer of family support, Tom’s partner and fiancé, Carrolline, will play an integral role in managing these four stores. This partnership, blending familial ties with business acumen, sets the stage for an exciting chapter in the Honey Baked Ham story.

A Personal Connection to Perfection

For Tom McGwire, the decision to join hands with Honey Baked Ham is more than just a business opportunity. It’s a personal journey and a heartfelt commitment to continue a legacy near and dear to his heart. Tom expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The Honey Baked brand has been a part of my family for decades, and I am thrilled to have the chance to contribute towards its success finally.

Having spent time with the management team and visiting some stores, I was impressed with the strategic direction that the brand was heading and knew now was the time to join in. I’m excited to grow the Honey Baked footprint in Massachusetts and open the first location in Providence.”

A Recipe for Success

Besides his family connection, Tom McGwire brings a wealth of professional experience. As the Owner and CEO of a manufacturing and fabricating company based in Cheshire, Connecticut, Tom has honed team-oriented skills, attitudes, and a deep commitment to customer service. These qualities perfectly complement the Honey Baked Ham ethos of providing exceptional products and memorable meals.

Jim Dinkins, Chief Executive Officer at Honey Baked, acknowledged the significance of this partnership, saying, “This is a significant milestone for the Honey Baked brand as we continue the Hoenselaar legacy of serving delicious hams and providing memorable experiences. With stores already open across the greater New England area, this deal marks an exciting time of growth for our brand on the East Coast. The entire McGwire family has decades of experience in various industries, and I’m confident their Honey Baked locations will continue to uphold our brand’s reputation for exceptional customer service.”

The secret ingredient behind Honey Baked Ham’s success has always been its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional products and creating unforgettable dining experiences. Scott Temme, Director of Franchise Development at Honey Baked Ham, emphasizes, “It’s amazing to see Honey Baked continue to grow throughout the year. With the brand slated to expand into new markets and regions, this is an inspiring time to join the Honey Baked Ham family.”

More Than Just Ham: A Culinary Tradition

Honey Baked Ham’s reputation extends far beyond its delectable hams. This beloved brand is equally renowned for its ready-to-serve turkey breasts, tempting sides, sumptuous desserts, and complete meals that have become symbols of shared celebrations and cherished family moments. In an era where convenience and quality are paramount, Honey Baked Ham has mastered creating a culinary experience that brings people together.

The Honey Baked Ham concept offers multiple revenue streams for operators, showcasing a diverse product lineup that caters to lunch and dinner crowds. The brand’s offerings cater to various occasions and preferences, from corporate luncheons to family feasts. This versatility is yet another reason behind its enduring success.

An Invitation to Join the Honey Baked Family

With its storied history, unwavering commitment to quality, and strong family ties, Honey Baked Ham actively seeks passionate entrepreneurs to join its thriving franchise network. The brand encourages scalability, long-term growth, and active community involvement in franchisee candidates. By capitalizing on its unrivaled products, proven business model, and comprehensive support system, Honey Baked Ham is poised to energize the franchise industry, offering a path to sweet success.

Furthermore, the multi-unit agreement between Honey Baked Ham and Tom McGwire, a great-grandson of the brand’s founder, marks a heartwarming continuation of a culinary legacy. It’s not just a business deal; it’s a family tradition passed down through generations. As the brand expands into new territories, it retains its commitment to exceptional quality, memorable meals, and a warm sense of togetherness. The Honey Baked Ham family welcomes passionate entrepreneurs to join them on this delectable journey, ensuring that the legacy of Harry Hoenselaar lives on in every succulent bite.

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