How Does Yum! Brands’ Road to 100,000 Restaurants Begin with People?

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In the competitive realm of global food chains, Yum! Brands stands out as an industry leader. With a vision to reach 100,000 restaurants worldwide, they recognize that their true driving force lies in their people. Emphasizing a people-centric approach, Yum! Brands focuses on attracting top talent, fostering diversity, investing in training, and nurturing collaborative relationships with franchisees and suppliers. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind their success, where every step is guided by the belief that people are the key to achieving their ambitious goal.

How Does Yum! Brands’ Road to 100,000 Restaurants Begin with People?

A global frenzy of restaurant openings, with new locations popping up every two hours for 24 months! Yum! Brands, the proud owner of Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Habit Burger, has been on an unprecedented growth spurt, leaving all previous records in the dust. In the last two years alone, they’ve launched an astounding 8,700 new locations, most sprouting up internationally. It’s safe to say that one in every six Yum! locations worldwide have materialized in the blink of an eye during this extraordinary expansion.

As of the end of Q1, Yum! Brands boasted a staggering 55,683 restaurants. Their CEO, David Gibbs, stated that the company is far from reaching its limits. They are eyeing a whopping 100,000 restaurants across the globe.

So, how does Yum! Brands support this blazing expansion? The answer lies in their “Yum! Brands’ Good Growth” strategy and “Recipe for Good Growth.” This visionary approach centers around inclusivity, sustainability, and adapting to the ever-evolving needs of employees, franchisees, and stakeholders. By prioritizing a people-first culture, bold restaurant development, unmatched operating capability, and relevant brands, Yum! achieved unrivaled unit growth in 2022.

One key aspect of their strategy focuses on empowering their workforce. Yum! invested about $50 million to fund over 30 social impact programs in 11 countries, making a positive difference in the lives of their employees and communities. Every team member must certify Yum!’s “Global Code of Conduct” as part of their annual compliance training, ensuring anti-discrimination and anti-harassment principles are ingrained in the company’s DNA. They even set up an independent, third-party-operated ethics hotline called The Speak Up Helpline, available in nine languages, to ensure employees have a safe space to voice concerns.

Yum! Brands has also embarked on a journey to foster a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging. The company implemented EIB leaders across its brands to oversee progress. Executives at the senior director level and above are held accountable for increasing the representation of women and people of color in leadership roles at U.S. stores.

Their commitment to diversity extends beyond their ranks. Yum! joined forces with several cross-sector partnerships, such as Hispanic Promise, CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, and the OneTen Coalition. By collaborating with other U.S. businesses, Yum! aims to create career mobility and advancement opportunities for a million Black/African-American individuals over a decade. Gender equality is also a top priority for Yum! Brands. They set a goal to achieve parity in leadership globally by 2030, actively working alongside Paradigm for Parity. The company’s current senior leadership already includes 43 percent women.

KFC, a Yum! Brands subsidiary launched the “Next Generation of Women” (NOW) program to accelerate women’s development, particularly for leadership roles. Through this initiative, they provide recruiting practices and a structured plan based on insights from Yum!’s “Heartstyles” platform.

Yum! Brands’ commitment to people empowerment is evident throughout their education and mentoring initiatives. Their Coach Academy offers global, virtual programs for managers, while Leadership Accel enables employees to grow as strategic thinkers. Their Inclusive Leadership training, developed in partnership with Heartstyles, challenges perceptions and demonstrates the benefits of inclusion.

Apart from their internal efforts, Yum! Brands aim to empower their franchisees. They established the Center for Global Franchise Excellence at the University of Louisville, providing online education focused on the franchising model. They offer opportunities to underrepresented individuals.

In addition to empowering their people, Yum! Brands are deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility. They are actively progressing toward transitioning to 100 percent cage-free eggs across all their brands and menu items by 2026. KFC, for instance, has rolled out its global chicken welfare platform, while Pizza Hut has made strides in providing plant-based offerings worldwide.

Yum! Brands’ unwavering dedication to growth, people empowerment, and sustainability drive them to new heights. They are shaping the future of the restaurant industry, one delicious meal, and one empowered person at a time. With their sights set on expanding further and positively impacting the world, Yum! Brands are a beacon of inspiration for businesses everywhere.

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