How Important are Kiosks to Fast Food? How Shake Shack’s Kiosks are Revolutionizing the Industry

what does Kiosk mean in fast food

What does “kiosk” mean in fast food? In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are key factors that drive the success of the fast-food industry. With technology advancing, traditional ordering methods have been undergoing a significant transformation. Kiosks are making waves in the industry.

But what exactly does “kiosk” mean in the context of fast food, and how are Shake Shack’s kiosks revolutionizing how we experience dining? In this blog, we will delve into the meaning of kiosks in fast food and explore the groundbreaking impact of Shake Shack’s kiosks on the industry. Get ready to witness a new era of convenience and customer satisfaction as we dive into the world of fast-food kiosks!

Shake Shack’s Kiosks Groundbreaking Innovation That Will Revolutionize the Game

Shake Shack is implementing kiosks in all of its stores, following the example set by Panera Bread. 2019 Shake Shack experienced significant growth, increasing its revenue by 29.4 percent to $594.5 million through new store openings. Most of Shake Shack’s locations were relatively new then, with 60 percent of U.S. stores being less than three years old.

Besides expansion, Shake Shack also embraced digital sales and delivery services before the COVID-19 pandemic. By the end of 2019, kiosks were present in about one-third of the restaurants, but the focus was primarily on delivery services. Shake Shack had plans to expand its partnership with Grubhub and integrate its app for nationwide delivery. However, due to the pandemic, the company had to adjust its strategy and prioritize third-party delivery to reach more customers. Despite these challenges, Shake Shack increased its digital and kiosk sales to $147 million.

Shake Shack has experienced continuous growth in recent years, with revenue reaching $900.5 million in 2022, a 21.7 percent increase from the previous year. The introduction of kiosks has played a significant role in this success. The company plans to have booths in almost all of its restaurants by the end of 2023, with about 90 stores already equipped with them as of early 2022.

Kiosks offer several benefits to Shake Shack. They visually display Shake Shack’s unique features, and approximately 75 percent of restaurant sales with booths come through the hardware and digital channels. Implementing kiosks also allows for a more efficient operation, particularly during staffing challenges. The ability to up-sell and customize orders leads to higher average checks, contributing to increased sales. Shake Shack aims to leverage kiosks to enhance the guest experience and capture more data on customer purchasing habits.

Analysts believe that Shake Shack’s widespread adoption of kiosks could result in mid-single-digit growth in same-store sales and significant labor savings. Past examples, such as Panera Bread’s “Panera 2.0” initiative, have shown that kiosks can drive higher sales and reduce labor costs. BurgerFi’s recent implementation of kiosks also demonstrated increased average checks and the ability to reallocate workers to more hospitality-related tasks.

Shake Shack’s CEO expects the digital sales mix in stores with kiosks to be around 75-80 percent, indicating strong adoption and utilization. If Shake Shack follows through with its plans, the positive impact on same-store sales will be visible by the second half of 2023. With today’s customers more inclined toward digital experiences, Shake Shack anticipates faster consumer adoption than Panera Bread’s timeline. Introducing kiosks is a promising step for Shake Shack’s future growth.

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