SupplyCaddy: Revolutionizing Packaging for Sticky’s The Finger Joint, Elevating the Customer Experience, and Redefining Brand Consistency

sticky's the finger joint

The collaboration between Sticky’s The Finger Joint and SupplyCaddy has brought about significant improvements to Sticky’s packaging and overall customer experience. Prior to their partnership, Sticky’s recognized the need for packaging enhancements to align with their commitment to exceptional food and customer service.

SupplyCaddy addressed this need by offering custom die-cut bags, boxes and portion cups. Not only were the solutions cost-effective but they also provided enhanced branding and customization options.

The introduction of wider portion cups further contributed to an elevated dining experience, enabling customers to enjoy Sticky’s tantalizing sauces with greater ease. The successful partnership continued with the focus shifting to Sticky’s boxes. Sticky’s was able to secure branding on both boxes at a more favorable price, ensuring brand consistency and enhancing the overall customer experience.

For Sticky’s bags, SupplyCaddy proposed a solution by suggesting the use of two bags instead of one. By creating a bespoke bag tailored to accommodate the boxes more efficiently plus an additional bag for larger orders. This solution not only improved packaging effectively but also offered cost savings in accordance with the order size.

As a result of the collaboration, Sticky’s now enjoys the benefits of enhanced packaging that aligns with their brand image and provides a superior customer experience. With SupplyCaddy taking care of their packaging needs, Sticky’s can focus on what they do best—serving mouth-watering chicken fingers to their loyal customers!

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