How Your Packaging Can Be Used to Build Trust With Diners

how your packaging can be used to build trust with diners

Packaging is an often overlooked but critical component of the food industry. While chefs and restaurateurs focus on perfecting the taste and presentation of their dishes, the packaging can make or break the overall experience for diners. In addition, the packaging can be used as a powerful tool to build trust with restaurants, even before […]

Imagining a World Without Plastic Packaging: A Vision for the Future

world without plastic packaging

We live in a world where plastic packaging is everywhere. It’s found in our homes, workplaces, and beaches, miles away from civilization. What if we were to imagine a world without plastic packaging? In this blog, we will explore how living without plastic packaging could benefit us, our environment, and future generations. Entering the grocery […]

What is Kraft Paper? Discover The Unique Eco-Friendly Benefits For Durable Packaging

what is kraft paper

Packaging made from sustainable materials is booming, with no signs of slowing down. As a result, the environmental impact of packaging and waste is becoming increasingly important. In a DotCom Distribution study, 57% of respondents said green packaging was essential. Kraft paper has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it offers a variety of […]

Why Famous Brands Are Moving Towards Sustainable Materials For Packaging?

sustainable materials for packaging

Why are famous brands moving towards sustainable materials for packaging? Many things in this world are created to be thrown away. Think about how much packaging you throw away daily in your household or at the office. It is becoming increasingly important to consider sustainability and how we contribute to it.  This article shares an […]

How Disposable Paper Cups Benefit Your Coffee Shops and Restaurants

how disposable paper cups benefit your cafe and restaurant

How disposable paper cups benefit your coffee shops and restaurants? Disposable paper cups are a godsend for restaurants and cafes. They’re cheap, easy to use and dispose of, and don’t require much cleanup after the customer leaves. But did you know disposable paper cups can do more than keep your coffee hot? In this article, […]

McDonald’s New Quick Service Restaurant Format: How Will it Affect Food Packaging?

What is McDonald’s new quick service format and how will it affect food packaging? McDonald’s has expanded their new Quick-Service Restaurant format to more than 2,000 restaurants in the US. The new format is a modernized and streamlined version of the classic restaurant designed to serve families on the go.  This modernization will shift McDonald’s […]

What Are The Types of Paper Bags and Handles?

types of paper bags

What are the types of paper bags and handles? Paper bags are a genius marketing strategy and are flexible and convenient! They can be found in many stores, including clothing shops, movie theaters, and grocery stores. Their eco-friendliness is also something to consider, but paper bags also have disadvantages. Overall, if you use them responsibly […]

Why Use Paper Bags For Your Food Business

paper bags for business

Why use paper bags for your business? Food businesses that offer to-go orders would need to stock up on quality wholesale to go containers and bags that are strong enough to carry them. Plastic bags are the preferred type of most businesses because they are cheap and readily available. However, businesses should start use paper […]

Why Dining is Declining Despite Increasing Restaurant Sales

why dining is declining despite increasing restaurant sales

Why dining is declining despite increasing restaurant sales? While in the past, it seemed that more people were eating out, now it seems like fewer are. What has happened? This article takes a look at how society is changing with the times and what might be the cause of this decline in dining. Also, it […]